Wednesday, February 28, 2001

2001 Results

2001 Results
Pemberton Trail 50K

l. Andy Jones-Wilkins AZ 3:55:52
2. Michael Flynn AZ 4:01:51
3. Alex Manessis AZ 4.05:34
4. Scott Modzelewski AZ 4:ll:49
5. Honey Albrecht AZ 4:21:39
6. Steve Olson AZ 4:37:32
7. James Bonnett-Castelle AZ 4:38:07
8. Ron Harding AZ 4:40:10
9. Leslie Mudgett MA 4:42:28
10. Robert Fujita AZ 4:49:40
1l. Debbie Leftu,ich AZ 4:58:08
l2. Kirk McCorville AZ 4:59:43
13. Christopher Reed AZ 5:02:54
l4. Jody Chase AZ 5:09:36
l5. Robert Dehaan AZ 5:13:36
l6. Geri Kilgiariff AZ 5:35:53
l7. John Malick AZ 5:41:46
l8. Cindy Schramm WI 5:43:30
l9. Karsten Solheim AZ 5:47:22
20. Jerry Wright AZ 6:32:41

Congratulations to all who participated in the lst ever Pemberton Trail 50k
endurance run!

All the Pemberton runners are to be commended for their spirit of perseverance from our final runner, Jerry Wright, who started in the dark and cold by himself to our new course record holder and good friend Andy Jones-Wilkins. Also, a big congrats to our local speedster Honey Albrecht who came away with the overall women's and masters trophies; I guess you could say she cleaned house.

Even though it was a small but fast field, the conditions were ideal for a great day of racing at McDowell Mountain Park and there were no disappointments as everybody came through the first loop looking fresh and ready for the race to begin. If the camaraderie of fellow runners on the trails giving hoots and claps of encouragement
wasn't enough, the wonderful volunteers closed the gap with their cheers and plentiful
supply of goodies at the aid stations. Thank you so much volunteers!

Finally I would like to thank my sponsors: Brooks, Arizona Bread Company, and Fountain
Hills Water and Ice, for thier patronage and I look forward to many years of service with them.

Also the big kicker in all this is that we were able to raise $400.00 for the McDowell Mountain Park Trail Fund! Thanks to all who participated!

See you all next year!

-Brian Wieck, RD